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Blog is back!

25/02/2012 2 comments

Sorry about the blog being deactivated 😐

It was an error, I reported the problem and the guys at WordPress fixed it the same day 😀

Thank you WordPress :D!

You cannot imagine how happy I’m to have my blog back 😀

Right now I’m learning Android application development and I guess I have some tutorials in mind :).

See you soon!.

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FuchsGUI Update

09/08/2011 Leave a comment

Hello there, sorry for being inactive lately but I don’t feel like programming or learning something new :(.

Anyway, I fixed the issue in FuchsGUI where some text was blurry, the reason was that the text was being rendered with floating point values for position, something like (20.3f,29.4), this meant that spriteBatch should split physical pixels :(.

Anyway, thanks to a guy named Fab who told me how to fix this, the solution was something like this:

position.X = (int)Position.X;
position.Y = (int)Position.Y;
// Render here

So, here’s the fixed version (XNA4 only):

   FuchsGUI v1.1 Source Bin XNA4 (Blurry Text Fixed)

I hope to see you later :)…

Stay tuned :P

02/07/2011 Leave a comment

Three videos of my game RobotWarz are coming soon…
One week after that I will publish the game here on the blog 😛

Here are two screen shots 😉

RobotWarz, AI Attack

AI opponent attacking the player


RobotWarz_AI War

AI robots are fighting each other, player is in Spectator Mode.

D.I.C XNA 3 Week Challenge

22/04/2011 Leave a comment

My Game Space Defender has just won the second place in the Dream In Code XNA 3 Week Challenge.

Well, I didn’t finish my game in three weeks but I participated anyway :), Actually my game was already done when the challenge was announced, What a coincidence haha :D.

Here are the results:

Robin19 – The Saga: Honorable Mention

LanceJZ – Space Zomie: Bronze Winner

Gray Fox – Space Defender: Silver Winner (and yes my nickname was Gray Fox before moving permanently to Fuchs 😀 )

Vmpwje – Block Invaders: Gold Winner

Fuchs Jr, My beloved cat :)

10/03/2011 Leave a comment

Well, My life isn’t all about programming :D, I have a male cat named Fuchs Junior and want to share some funny videos about this cat 🙂

If you are not a fan of cats I recommend that you stop reading immediately :(.


Fuchs Jr (2)

Helping me programming haha!

Read more…

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Some unpublished projects…published

24/12/2010 1 comment

Well… I have a bunch of old projects that weren’t published for some reasons…It’s time for them to finally see the light 🙂
Just a few notes:
-These are old, so many things are less professional than I would write now, many things have nothing to do with OOP…

-You’ll need the SFML dlls to run any SFML game.

Labyrinth Maze:

SFML, OpenGL, C++ (VisualStudoi2008)

Labyrinth Maze

Click on image to view animated full size version

A path finding application that finds a path in a 3D maze from one corner to the other..
The maze is generated randomly, can be moved, rotated, zoomed in/out with keyboard…
The console window contains more information..

Actually this application was Read more…

Space Defender game updated to XNA 4.0

23/11/2010 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last post.. Anyway, just wanted to note that my XNA game Space Defender has been updated to XNA4.0 🙂

It didn’t take much work to update, the code hasn’t changed much, Although I have some improvements in my mind but I don’t actually enjoy modifying old projects 😦

You can find the main game post here with the new links added…

Right now I’m working on some picking articles 😀

See ya 😀

How to change spawn time in Battlefield 2 & lots more! Part III

04/10/2010 16 comments

In this post I’m gonna write some cool tweaks for Battlefield2, Please make sure you’ve already read Part I & Part II because things here won’t be explained in much detail.
Open any .tweak file of a weapon and try these tweaks 😉

1-Shoot walls from your gun
To protect your self against tanks or other soldiers you can shoot a wall!  just change the projectile type of a weapon to barrier_blocks_high_8m , if you try it now you’ll end up stuck inside the wall haha! 😀
You have to add this line (got it from c4_explosives.tweak and changed some values): 0/0/7
Search for the block that begins with the line
rem —BeginComp:SingleFireComp —
and add it there..
This means the projectile (a wall in our case) will have a position of 0 units on X, 0 units on Y , 7 units on Z which means the wall will be 7 units in front of you. note that  x,y,z are relative to the player…
The cool thing is that these walls are real! yes, bullets cannot get through :D!

A bunker 😉 make sure you leave a Read more…

How to change spawn time in Battlefield 2 & lots more! Part II

25/09/2010 10 comments


In Part I , I talked about changing the spawn time using two methods : console screen , changing game files, So you see you can do much by changing the game files…. 🙂
In this  article (and the next one) I’m gonna show you how to make a weapon shoot whatever you like, change reloading times and more…
For example, you can make a pistol shoot a heat seeking missile, you can create walls with your gun!…
Before starting you must understand that almost every thing in the game is an Object!, bullets ,missiles ,grenades ,sand sacks…all these are objects.
So what we’re going to do is simply opening the .tweak file associated with a certain weapon and change the line that specifies the projectile object for that weapon…
Here’s the line that specifies the projectile object of the M4 rifle (used by USMC Special Forces Kit):

ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate M4Projectile

What this line does is making the M4 rifle shoot projectiles of the type M4Projectile, By changing this line we can make this rifle shoot almost anything!.

Where can I find those .tweak files?

In your Battlefield2 root directory search for a file called Read more…

How to change spawn time in Battlefield 2 & lots more! Part I

19/09/2010 8 comments


Battlefield 2

Battlefield2 is an amazing shooting game, although the game is a little old (2004) it’s still worth playing! 😉

The game is a military game, you can enjoy a collection of real weapons,vehicles and of course high graphics, you can play in many vast maps!

Changing Spawn Time:

Let’s say we want to change spawn time to 3 seconds! Two ways I’ve found:
Read more…