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How to change spawn time in Battlefield 2 & lots more! Part II


In Part I , I talked about changing the spawn time using two methods : console screen , changing game files, So you see you can do much by changing the game files…. 🙂
In this  article (and the next one) I’m gonna show you how to make a weapon shoot whatever you like, change reloading times and more…
For example, you can make a pistol shoot a heat seeking missile, you can create walls with your gun!…
Before starting you must understand that almost every thing in the game is an Object!, bullets ,missiles ,grenades ,sand sacks…all these are objects.
So what we’re going to do is simply opening the .tweak file associated with a certain weapon and change the line that specifies the projectile object for that weapon…
Here’s the line that specifies the projectile object of the M4 rifle (used by USMC Special Forces Kit):

ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate M4Projectile

What this line does is making the M4 rifle shoot projectiles of the type M4Projectile, By changing this line we can make this rifle shoot almost anything!.

Where can I find those .tweak files?

In your Battlefield2 root directory search for a file called Objects_server.zip just like GameLogicInit.con you might find more than one file depending on the game mods you have installed, one in each mod folder,in my version of the game I have these two:

C:\Program Files\Battlefield 2 With All Expansion\mods\bf2\Objects_server.zip
C:\Program Files\Battlefield 2 With All Expansion\mods\bf2\xpack\Objects_server.zip

Please keep in mind that changing one file will only affect the mod the file belongs to…

Playing with Objects_server.zip:

Okay this is a little troublesome 😦 , first the .tweak files we want to change are inside a Zip file, second the files may be Read-Only, third if you have the game installed in the program files folder you might face some difficulties related to privileges…

We’ll go through these steps:

– Just like before create a backup copy of the file Objects_server.zip you wanna modify.
– Using WinRar extract the original file to any folder (not system folders of course), this process might take a few minutes.
– You will should find these folders now:

– Select the folder you extracted the files to, then remove the Read-Only property from the Properties Window and when asked ,apply it to all sub folders/files ,this also may take some time due to large number of files (about 8,979 Files)

What’s Next?

What we will do now is to make the M4 Rifle (used by USMC Special Forces) shoot tank shells!!! just imagine how this looks 😉

– Open the folder you extracted Objects_server.zip to.
– Go to this folder Weapons\Handheld\USRIF_M4
– You should find a file called USRIF_M4.tweak
– Open it! what are you waiting for? 😉 , Don’t know what program to use? just use Notepad (I preffer Notpad++).
– As you can see! too many lines that control the properties & behavior of the M4 rifle
– Search for the line
ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate M4Projectile
– We want to replace the object M4Projectile with the name of a tank shell, we’ll use the shell of the Chinese tank Type98.
– Keep the file USRIF_M4.tweak open & open the file \Objects_server\Vehicles\Land\tnk_type98\tnk_type98.tweak and search for the line ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate.
– The line should be like this:
ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate Type98GunProjectile
– So the tank shell name is Type98GunProjectile, go back to the file USRIF_M4.tweak and in the line that specifies the projectile template replace M4Projectile with Type98GunProjectile
– Save the file MSRIF_M4.
– Go back to the folder where you extracted Objects_server.zip to…
– Using WinRar add all the folders there to a zip file called Objects_server.zip (make sure you selected Zip not Rar)

– Copy the new zip file to the game folder \mods\bf2\ and replace the original file (make sure you have a backup copy!)
– That’s it! 😀

Open the game, start a new single player, join the USMC forces and select the Special Forces kit and go blow your enemies with your new toy! :D, you can destroy tanks with this weapon! and guess what! the weapon is more accurate than the tank, that’s because the shells have a velocity of 1000 (shot from an M4) not 150 (shot from tank turret)…These values can be found & changed in the .tweak files.
Here’s a screen shot of the result:

Of course a video would be much better than a screen shot, unfortunately, I’m using the ancient dial-up to connect to the internet, so large files are not an option 😦

Part III will contain additional ideas & more things you can do, things won’t be explained in much detail like Part I and Part II because the main idea should be clear by now…

Have fun :D.

  1. Rob
    20/04/2011 at 2:19 pm

    Very easy instructions… one problem though. When I did exactly as instructed, and started a single player (happened with multiplayer as well) game, it gets a short way in to loading and then the game shuts down back to Windows. Ever seen that happen? If so, what was the issue?

    • Fuchs
      20/04/2011 at 2:54 pm

      Never happen to me, except when I tried to shoot a vehicle out from my gun, the game just crashed on shooting.
      Sorry but i don’t know 😦
      I don’t think it has something to do with the game build either..

      • Rob
        20/04/2011 at 9:47 pm

        It’s entirely possible that it’s because I’m running Win2K. When I first installed BF2 on this system, it said it wasn’t supported by Win2K but seeing as it’s an NT platform (and the predecessor to XP), it allowed it to run. I’ll just have to keep pissing around with it I guess. lol.

        • Fuchs
          20/04/2011 at 9:50 pm

          Looks like you’re forced to use Win2K 🙂

          • Rob
            20/04/2011 at 9:55 pm

            What happened was, when I got Win2K, about 6 months later, XP came out and I outright refused to buy XP. There were too many issues (like with all new Windows releases). Now that the bugs have been worked out of XP, you can’t buy it in stores.. lol. Buying it on ebay sometimes results in a hacked copy.

          • Fuchs
            20/04/2011 at 10:36 pm

            Too bad 😦

  2. Rob
    24/04/2011 at 4:15 pm

    My bad. I got it working… I was making too much work for myself and the end result was, it wasn’t working. What I WAS doing was unzipping the Objects_server file to a directory, modding the tweaks, and then rezipping the whole directory.

    What I discovered at a friends house (he runs XP and I had the same issue there), was to not even unzip it. I simply opened the zip file, pulled out the tweak file to edit, and put it back in to the zip file (specific location where it belonged). Works like a charm. My favorite mod so far is making it so C4 packs can be thrown farther than a grenade. You can take out a helicopter in mid-flight! lol!

    • Fuchs
      24/04/2011 at 9:37 pm

      Glad it works :).
      But what I did was the first approach, unzipping the whole directory, then rezipping it using winrar…
      The important thing is that it works 🙂
      Why using c4s to to take down a helicopter while you can use a gun :D?

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  2. 04/10/2010 at 4:54 pm

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