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X12 Zoom Lens Test with Galaxy Note 3

03/03/2014 1 comment

I’m not that kind of guy who reviews stuff but I wanted to share my experience with the X12 zoom lens that are available for mobile phones.

First here’s a photo of the lens I used, I got it for about 23$, it comes with a tripod and an adapter which you can screw the lens into (Adapter & phone not in photo).

X12 Lens

X12 Lens

In short:

  1. Lens is good.
  2. Tripod sucks (or I just don’t know how to use it?). no matter how hard I try to fix the angles the phone\lens just rotates slightly because of the phone’s weight.
  3. It’s hard to take a video of moving objects since you’ll have to adjust the lens manually to keep the focus, it’s not always clear on the screen that the image is out of focus.

If you (like me) prefer to see results rather than read them then the rest of the post is for you. Before you continue please note that the post will contain lots of large images 🙂 .
Video samples will be provided at the end of the post too!.

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