Before commenting :)

Hi, before commenting on a post please read this :), it will make my life easier :D.

1- Write the comment at the right post : usually I break a tutorial into parts, each part explains building a specific component, so if you have a question about a part post it in the same page, not at the beginning page or the about page :D.

2- Please read the tutorial before asking about a specific feature : I sometimes receive comments on the first page of a tutorial asking about how to add something to the final result of the tutorial (which I provided in the first page).

Sometimes comments are asking about things that are not directly explained in the tutorial but can be deduced from it, I’ll be happy to help you but you should at least know the basics described in the tutorial :).

3- When posting a code please use the code formatting tags :  here’s a code without tags:

void foo(int x)
// this is a comment

and this is a code with formatting

void foo(int x)
	// this is a comment

here’s how to do it:

[sourcecode language=”java”]
Put code here

You have many choices for language, like csharp, more on code formatting is here.

4- Reading other comments might help.


Thank you for reading :D, I’ll be more than happy to respond to comments and share ideas with others :D.

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