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Dear Backender (A Rude Open Letter)

28/07/2015 Leave a comment

Dear backend developer…

Backend Developer

This post is the first of a series about the struggle I as an Android applications developer must endure when working with backend developers, designers or other people involved in building a mobile application.

It will contain some points you might not be aware of and some things you can do to make the mobile application developer’s life easier or at the very least not make it harder than it should.

Disclaimer: My personal opinions and preferences might be included in these articles and you’re welcome to correct any incorrect points in the comments below.

If you are a mobile application developer you might also find something useful here especially if you’re just beginning.

So to start, this first article is dedicated to people who write APIs for mobile applications, You the backender and me the app developer are starting from scratch and no previous API exists.

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