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Space Defender : A Complete XNA Game by Ghoshehsoft

29/07/2010 11 comments

Space Defender

Update: Game updated to XNA GS4.0 , Download links added!

This was my first XNA game! It’s a cool 2D Game..
Unlike most space games, this game takes place in the atmosphere! not in the outer space 🙂
You have to defeat the invaders as they increase in number, you’ll also come across mother ships which are more advanced enemies that will chase you and fire energy pulses at you!. Play for some time and you’ll confront the Main Mother Ship…you think you’re up to it???

You have two weapons to stop your enemies : a rail gun that will fire small rapid bullets , and a missile launcher that fires missiles causing massive damage to your enemies!

The player can choose one of three Space Ships to play the game with… each space ship has it’s special ability : Rapid Fire, Turbo Ship, Heavy Armor…and if the player beats the game twice with two different ships, The ultimate ship will be unlocked!

You can play the game with your mouse ( I like to sit back and destroy the invaders just with my mouse 😀 ) OR with your keyboard
Instructions on how to play the game can be found under the How To Play window in the game.

Taking the repairs box is always a good idea!! a small white repairs box will show up from time to time! take it to regain health.

You can control the speed of your ship in the game, See How To Play for more instructions

Enough Talk! Let’s Play!

Download The Full Game Executable XNA 3.1

Download The Full Game Executable XNA 4.0

Full source code link at the bottom of the article

If you don’t have the XNA 3.1 SDK installed on your computer, you’ll have to install the XNA Redistributable 3.1, download it here for free.

If you like the game please let me know! my email is

Some images of the game:

For XNA Developers:

Let’s talk a little about the game code & structure…
I programmed this game using XNA Game Studio 3.1 & C# 2008

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