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Some unpublished projects…published

Well… I have a bunch of old projects that weren’t published for some reasons…It’s time for them to finally see the light 🙂
Just a few notes:
-These are old, so many things are less professional than I would write now, many things have nothing to do with OOP…

-You’ll need the SFML dlls to run any SFML game.

Labyrinth Maze:

SFML, OpenGL, C++ (VisualStudoi2008)

Labyrinth Maze

Click on image to view animated full size version

A path finding application that finds a path in a 3D maze from one corner to the other..
The maze is generated randomly, can be moved, rotated, zoomed in/out with keyboard…
The console window contains more information..

Actually this application was an algorithms assignment for college I programmed with my partner Hashem Al-rifai.

The reason I used SFML with OpenGL is to get rid of the Windows API code that creates a window :), Also it’s much easier to handle input with SFML :).
Labyrinth Maze Bin

Labyrinth Maze Source Code

Snake Game

SDL, C++ (VisualStudio 2008)


Click on image to view full size animation

My first (and last) SDL game!
Unlike many other snake games this one has a multiplayer feature, two players (on the same PC) can compete with each other and see who is the smarter :D.

The game has three modes:
Standard : standard snake game, eat and you’ll get longer, game wont end till you crash.
Shrink : The opposite!, you start with a long snake, eat to get shorter, win the game by getting zero blocks short ;).
Crash (Multiplayer only) : Each player start positioned at a corner, snakes will get longer each step they make!, no food, just make sure you’re the last snake standing ;), if your head hits your body or the other player’s body or the wall you lose 😦 but the other player wins :).

I programmed this game while I was learning C++ & some data structures, this was my first game that contained some GUI, no events or delegates just a very basic GUI.
After this game I moved to try SFML then moved to XNA 😀

Snake Game Bin (SDL DLLs Included)
Snake Game Source Code

Anti-Grav Chamber:

SFML, C++ (VisualStudio2008)


A small project with a funny name haha :D.
You have many particles flying randomly inside a box, that collide with each other, can be affected by a field force bla bla bla…
Nothing is real science just playing around :D.
Please read the console window for details…
Also note that I used the brute force approach for collision tests, consider this a demonstration on why you should not use it ;).

Anti-Grav Chamber Bin

Anti-Grav Chamber Source Code

Mad Lander:

SFML, C++ (VisualStudio2008)


Click on image to view animated full size version

A 2D game that requires a patient player 😀
you have a space ship that needs to land safely on the landing platform while defying the gravity, land quickly or touch the blue walls and you’re dead!

Left\Right Arrows : Rotate the ship
Up Arrow : Accelerate
F6 : Quick save (my first game that have saving\loading functions)
F7 : Quick load
F : To follow the ship (in case of large levels)

The floppy icon is for saving, the “refresh” icon is for loading, the folder icon is for opening levels…forgive me but the input is taken from the console window 😦

The game will automatically loop through the official levels ( mine 😉 )

“official” means there are unofficial levels too?
yes there are :D, you can create your own levels using the Level Editor:
-Add a point with left  mouse button, delete a point with right mouse button.
-Click with left mouse button on a point then click on an empty place again to move the point.

-When finished designing the level you need to specify the landing platform which can be created on any two neighbor points ( or first & last points ), just move the mouse cursor over the first point (no clicking) and press Space, move the mouse over the next point and press Space again, if every thing went right, the line between the two points should become a green horizontal line…

-Left click on the ship, then click where you want its initial position.

-Use arrows to pan.

-Save the level by clicking on the floppy icon.

Mad Lander Bin

Mad Lander Level Editor Bin

(Mad Lander + Level Editor) Source Code

OpenGL 3D Laptop:

SFML, OpenGL, C++ (VisualStudio2008)


When I got my laptop I was so happy that I even made it a simple model using openGL.
The laptop can be rotated (Arrows), zoomed in/out (Page up/down)..
Monitor can be closed/opened (Z/X), disc drive can be ejected (E)

(G): Toggle wireframe

OpenGL 3D Laptop bin

OpenGL 3D Laptop Source Code

Escape From The Monster:

VB6 Windows Forms

Escape From The Monster!

Click on image to view animated full size version

A multiplayer game (one PC), one player is the monster the other is the human…
The monster must chase and catch the human and then throw him into the ocean (why would a monster do that??!? I dunno 😀 it’s just fun :D)
Game includes a gun, shaking window, sound effects, rated M for mature haha just kidding 😉

Why would any one create a game on a form any way?

Escape From The Monster Bin

Escape From The Monster Source Code

3D Text

VB6 Windows Forms

Simple 3D Text

Click on image to view full size

A small VB6 program I made for fun, it creates a 3D text by printing the same text over and over while changing its brightness.

Simple 3D Text Bin

Simple 3D Text Source Code

GS(C) Graphical Encryptor

VB6 Windows Forms


Click on image to view full size

I’ve always liked encryption related stuff :D.
This program converts a text (Up to 10000 chars) to an image… nothing complex really, just using the ascii code as a color…
I feel very happy when I see a text converted into an image and then the text is extracted from it 🙂

Ghoshehsoft© Graphical Encryptor Bin

Ghoshehsoft© Graphical Encryptor Source Code

Top Gear

VB6 Windows Forms

Top Gear

One of my favorite projects 😀
A car has to finish a race with time while avoiding holes and dogs.
You should always collect energy to keep your car running, collect stars for extra score..
Hitting the sidewalk will decrease your score.
The game has sound effects, some animation.
Back then I embedded an encryption function to the game to encrypt player’s score haha :).

Top Gear Game bin

Top Gear Game Source Code


I hope someone will like something 🙂

  1. Fuchs
    13/02/2012 at 6:16 pm

    Okay now I’m angry :@
    “The file “Labyrinth Maze Source Code.rar” has been suspended

    Dear MediaFire User:

    MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator’s copyright protection.”

    I’ll try to fix this :@
    I can’t imagine how the code I wrote from scratch is claimed by others :@

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