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Gokigen Naname

23/08/2010 Leave a comment

Gokigen Naname is a japanese puzzle where you have a grid…
some nodes on the grid has numbers from 0-4
each square on the grid should contain only on diagonal line
The number on each node (n for example) means that this node should have precisely (n) lines connected to it. the grid shouldn’t contain any closed loops!
For more details please refer to Wikipedia!

This “Game” solves the puzzle supplied by the actually it’s not a game since the player won’t do the solving..

Click on any node with the left/right mouse button to increase/decrease its number…

The game is programmed using C++ and SFML
SFML is a powerful 2D Library but since C++ is a headache (at least for me :)) I prefer using XNA with C#
There’s also a .Net SFML library but I never tried it!

You’ll have to forgive me for a bug in my program 😦
When you want to change the value of a node, don’t click on the node! See the picture below

You have to click where the red circle is 😦 , The code is old now and as I said before C++ is annoying, that’s why I didn’t fix this problem and I wont!

Gokigen Naname Executable (718 KB) – Required SFML Dlls are included

Gokigen Naname Source Code (99.7 KB) – SFML Headers & Libs not included