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Working On Terrain

Right now I’m working on terrain manipulation & rendering…
I’ve done some basic terrain rendering in the past using the Brute Force approach, What I’m trying now is the LOD (Level Of Detail ) algorithm!
I’m having some difficulties now with the normals 😦
The quad tree implementation is almost finished, right now I’m rendering the terrain using the highest level of detail ( always going to the leaves of the tree & render them ), of course that will be fixed later after I’m done with some issues like normals & some optimization…After all, what benefit is LOD without increasing the performance? 😀

Here’s a screen shot, the terrain is rendered in wireframe! no one will stand the way it looks in the solid FillMode ( the normals issue 😦 )

I painted the height map using only Windows7 Paint

I hope that I can complete this project, then I might add some trees & grass ( It’s time I learned BillBoarding ) & of course fill the river with animating water!

If you’re interested in LOD you can check these links:
Gamasutra.com : Realtime_Dynamic_Level_of_Detail
Gamasutra.com : Continuous_LOD_Terrain_Meshing
Smart Terrain Rendering with XNA

Note: gamasutra articles are more than one page! you can view all pages within one browser tab, just click the printable version button

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