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Light Tank Model

A simple tank I modeled with 3DS Max 9…:)
The idea started with a tractor wheel then I decided to make a whole tank!
You may ask why creating a tank with wheels?? Two reasons :
1- As the name indicates it’s a light tank not a heavy one!
2- Until now, I have no idea about animating the tank treads!

Here are some photos of my tank:

Here is another photo using the Ink’nPaint material,it a very cool material πŸ˜€ , But it takes forever to render 😦

Some Cool Videos:

Light Tank 800×600

The same video using the Ink’nPaint Material:

Light Tank Paint 800×600

There’s also another video I made for fun πŸ™‚ , I called it AssemblyVideo where all parts of the tank float in the air and come together to form the tank

LightTank Assembly 400×300

The files:

3DS Max 9 Files

DirectX File

To view these files you’ll need the DirectX Viewer, it comes with the DirectX SDK

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